More painted minis in less time. More fun in the process, better end result, and no need for advanced stuff like layering or blending.
The majority of hobbyists and gamers paint their minis with HUGE amount of unnecessary effort. They use sub-optimal processes, and spend precious time on advanced display-level techniques, which are unfit for unit-level painting.

This method cuts it all, and drastically decreases time cost per miniature while also improving quality.
Hi! I'm Dmitry, miniature painter from Moscow, Russia.

I love speedpainting, and enjoy painting nice-looking miniatures in an unbelievably small amount of time. And I also love to see painted armies across the gaming table.

That's why I'm on a quest to inspire other hobbyists with this speedpainting approach.

Over the years I've developed this speedpainting method for myself. But slowly, answering questions over the Internet and in real life, I began sharing the method with fellow painters all over the globe.

See if it's useful for you. Enjoy!

Dmitry Bogdanov
The LazyPainter
Significantly raise your painting quality without advanced techniques like blending

Clear the "pile of shame" (unpainted minis you have at home) and rid yourself of guilt

Use your limited hobby time wisely, getting stuff painted (in a spare hour once in a while)
Finally get your gaming minis painted and never show up with bare plastic or metal

Rush paint a new army for a tourney in 2-4 weeks, and not months or years

Get past that rank-n-file really fast, and spend more joyful time with characters and centerpieces
Comission painter
Earn more money in less amount of time, doing all the commission job much faster

Clear your backlog of boring obligations that are waiting to be painted (and that you probably don't even want to start)

Get some time to paint for yourself, so this hobby could be fun again
  • PSR formula: The Three Stages
    How you should restructure your painting process in order to speed up your painting
  • Speedpainting S.A.W.
    Tested pre-made painting process, that works with almost anything you need to paint, and significantly reduces time cost
  • Speedpainting VS Refining
    Critical difference between two painting processes — and the most common pitfall that lead you to veeery long time per model
  • Choosing correct techniques
    Why not all techniques are fit for speedpainting, and which do you need to pick (and master) to paint a mini under an hour
  • The biggest time-killer in your hobby
    What mistake makes you spend enormous amount of time trying to finish one unit (and makes finishing an army more of a dream than a realistic goal)
  • Airbrush VS Non-airbrush
    How can you speedpaint without an airbrush (if you don't have one) — and you 100% can, given the right technique