More painted minis
in less time
Hey, it's Dmitry. I'm here to help you paint your minis, better and faster. We're talking 30-120 minutes per model, instead of several hours. I'm going to equip you with speedpanting techniques, step-by-step processes and theory behind it, so you can paint better with less work. Paint smarter, not harder!
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Hi! I'm Dmitry, miniature painter from Moscow, Russia.

I love speedpainting and smart color schemes creation. I enjoy painting nice-looking miniatures in an unbelievably small amount of time. And I also love to see painted armies across the gaming table. That's why...

I'm on a quest to inspire other hobbyists with this speedpainting approach.

Dmitry Bogdanov
Over the years I've developed this method for myself. But slowly, answering questions over the Internet and in real life, I began sharing the method with fellow painters all over the globe.

See if it's useful for you. Enjoy!